London’s Calling…

We had an absolutely fantastic day in London.  The children were fantastically behaved, we had members of the public comment on what great manners they showed and how impeccable their behavior was. As teachers this makes us incredible proud of the children as we are sure you as Parents/Carers are.

There was a lot of walking but the children enjoyed every moment of it as they took in the Iconic sights of the Capital.  One of the most spectacular and memorable moments was watching ‘The Changing of the Guards’ outside of Buckingham Palace.  The smiles on the children’s faces was amazing.

These are just a few snippets of the day… we will share more at our end of topic celebration on Tuesday 15th March at our Topic Showcase.

If you or the children have any positive comments, highlights from the day it would be great if you could add a comment to this blog, we enjoy reading them.




Day 2 of #attemptingcreativity

So another day of art and dt completed. Our Queens are starting to take shape, some are finished. We have flags for Britain, Kenya, Barbados and Australia to display, some wonderful moving Queen’s a Guards and some beautiful stained glass windows. Our mod-rock scultpures are coming along aswell.although normality has not quite resumed the children are enjoying their new learning environments and they are inspired to be creative. 



So here we are. Happy new year to you all. A new term means a new topic… this one starts with us looking at Britain; the role of the Monarchy both in Britain and as part of the British Empire then into the Commonwealth. Next we will travel to different continents as each class explores a different country that is part of the Commonwealth, these are the designs of our classrooms. Malala Class are heading for a Kenyan Safari; taking notes in the safari tent, reading in the hideout and the class Champion will get to sit on the Victory Veranda! And let’s not forget the life size Giraffe (a work in progress). Hawking class are heading to the outback of Australia; relaxing at the outback shack with glorious views of Ayres Rock surrounded by a range of creepy critters and amazing animals. And to help them with their reading and writing there is dictionary-doo corner! Look out for the Koala in the Jacaranda Tree (a work in progress). Whilst the other two classes are baffled with animals big and small, Knibb class will be relaxing on the beach in Barbados; they can take of their socks and shoes and dangle their feet in the sand whilst reading a good book or visit the beach bar. But don’t worry their trusty life guard (a work in progress) will be on hand if the weather turns.