So it’s happening again… This terms Spelling Bee is focusing on Key Stage 2. The winners from each house will competing in this afternoons live final.



Recipes from around the world: Kenya

Today Malala Class made Kenyan Samosas.  The children will be writing up the instructions and we hope to make a year group cook book over the next two terms to sell at the summer fayre as our enterprise project.

The samosas tasted amazing and the children had great fun preparing the food, building the samosas (very tricky), and brushing them with oil, we baked the, instead of deep frying them.


Delicious Aussie Tucker 

Yesterday Stephen Hawking class cooked up a storm. We made Vegemite and Marmite scrolls with cheese. We also made an Aussie classic: lamingtons. Most enjoyed the scrolls and Mr Cox was pleased that the Vegemite flavoured ones were the most popular. As you can see from the picture, the lamingtons were also popular and they disappeared quickly from the tray! 


Let’s get cooking…🍴🇧🇧

In topic this afternoon, William Knibb class got their chef hats on. They worked on two different recipes: Caribbean coconut chicken and apple & coconut cake – both of which originate from our class country, Barbados. The children showed Miss Whysall and I their skills in peeling, chopping, measuring, weighing, mixing, stirring and frying; producing some excellent results! The cake (which smells amazing, I must say) has been left to cool overnight and we are looking forward to doing a taste test for morning work tomorrow😃  

Fractions fun!

 Today in Maths, Miss Kettle’s set got practical with fractions. The children were given a set of fractions and they worked in teams to order them on a giant number line. They showed lots of fantastic unity and resilience; extending their knowledge and understanding too. Some of those equivalent fractions were tricky! Great learning everyone 😄 


Some of our 5/6 children have been taking part in making a promotional film about St Andrew’s today. They have been presenters, directors, camera men & women, sound specialists and other film crew duties. This afternoon saw them filming a reflection session in Malala Yousafzai classroom. The group loved acting out a reflection sequence and Ralf Snr made his film debut, I think his career in film is going to be a rewarding one. Watch out Hollywood!


Just keep swimming…🏊🏼

Year 5 children LOVED their second session of swimming at Corby pool today. With an hour in the pool, we managed to fit in all of this: gliding across the pool; floating on fronts and backs; jumping in safely; sitting on the bottom of the pool and children in Miss Kettle’s group even rose to the challenge of picking bricks up from the bottom. Very well done everybody! In other news, girls beat the boys getting changed for the second week in a row…  

Meet Ralf…

After many weeks and some tough moments we can officially reveal Malala Class #attemptingcreativity project in its completed stage… Ralf Snr.  The completion of our most grand and ambitious creativity project yet has been a challenge and was touch and go at times, the poor things has two broken legs, but with some little help from Mr Johnson and some wooden splints Ralf pulled through. Malala class would like to make a public declaration of thanks to Mrs Horne, the vision I had in my head was no where near as good as the finished article, whose artist talents have meant we not only have a pet giraffe but a good looking pet giraffe!

So Mrs H, thank you!  😘