Super Spelling

Great booster session today. We spent the session revising our spelling rules.  



Back with a bang! Crash! Wham! Blast!

Welcome back to school. We hope you have all had a great Easter break! We are straight back into learning here in Year 5/6. However, we mustn’t forget our amazing new learning environments! Our topic this term is ‘Heroes and Heroines’ where we will focus on Ancient Greece in addition to modern day superheroes and lots more. We have themed our classrooms with this in mind and wanted to share them with you as we begin the summer term. They are still work in progress but will be added to with children’s work as the topic develops. Let us know what you think😊🏺🏙🌇

Netball Team

Amazing results tonight in the first round of the 4 week league. 3 games played and 3 big wins for St Andrew’s. Top points scored and no goals conceded puts us in a great position going into next week. Great training by Miss Kettle and Miss ‘Coach’ McKenzie. 

Great team work lead to some great goals. Tegan Willis, Dylan Smith & Bailey Warren got their names on the score sheet. Also some excellent defending by Victor Ologan in the second game secured our clean sheet.

The children really showed the values of St Andrew’s School and I speak for all the staff involved when I say we couldn’t be prouder.

Well done #netball #standrews

Mrs Buettner  🤗