Greek Food Tasting Experience

Today the children had the opportunity to taste some typical Greek food such as feta cheese, pitta bread, olives, figs and dips.

Mr Cox made a fresh bowl of traditional Tzatziki using yogurt, cucumber, garlic and mint.  “The dip was amazing, it took me to another world!” Mollie (Malala Class).

The Olives divided the crowd as we thought they might! “They were really bitter and sour, I didn’t like them.” Catherine (Knibb Class). However Kacper (Knibb Class) had this to say, “I really liked them, they were salty and squishy!”

We also brought some grape juice for the children to try, Logan commented, “I did not like the grape juice drink, it tasted like vinegar…”

We are using the experience to write a descriptive piece, we are hoping the children can draw upon their experiences to help make their writing come alive.


Breakfast, Tests and Bowling…

After a long week of SATs testing our Year 6s enjoyed an afternoon of bowling at New York Thunderbowl. The children have worked incredibly hard in the build up to this years SATs and proved how far they’ve come this week.

The majority of our Year 6 children joined us for breakfast this week. A wide selection was on offer including bacon butties on Thursday as a last day of tests treat! As a year group we need to say a massive “thank you” to Mrs Parfitt and Mrs Greasley for helping with breakfasts as well as thanking FOSTA for funding the breakfast.

Thursday afternoon was one of tears, laughter and memory making. The Year 6 teaching team and 35 pupils made the short journey to New York Thunderbowl. There were some interesting bowling techniques on show… especially  from Miss MacKenzie! Mrs Buettner lost her Champions Crown from last year with a dismal display! The children demonstrated some good good skills with. Few STRIKES flashing up on their screens! We did have the odd ball getting stuck in the bumpers; yes, they had the bumpers up!