Shields at the ready…

Transition day 2 -afternoon session- was finished off my some lovely artwork and painting of Viking shields ready to be displayed in September.  The children took inspiration from examples of Viking sheilds and then had time to design their own.  Once they had decided on a design they drew them onto their wooden sheilds and started to paint.  The small intricate detail was achieved using cocktail sticks. Parents were invited in this afternoon to join in and also created some wonderful sheilds. It’s been a lovely two days with our new classes and we are all looking forward to September.



Transition Day 2 has seen our ‘New’ Year 5/6 classes bonding over our scrapheap challenge inspired task. They had 40 minutes to design and create a model using the equipment they were provided with.  The had cardboard boxes, sugar paper, material, tissue paper, scissors, sellotape and a mountain of newspaper. The children had a great time and created some brilliant models; very inspired. 

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