1 afternoon… 716 Years of History covered!

Today the children began creating the first part of our Triumphant Tresspassers History timelines. From 350 AD and the first recorded invasion of the Picts and Scots to 410 AD when the Romans withdrew from Britain to protect their home territories from invasion. Their timelines then move on to 450 AD  to the invasion of British land from the Jutes, Angles and Saxons and the creation of the 7 Kingdoms: Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Sussex, Essex, Anglia, Kent. Jumping ahead to 793 AD – the first recorded Viking Invasion… Then 1016 when King Canute of Demark captures the English Crown, ending at 1066 with the famous battle that saw one man conquer and the other with an arrow to the eye! Or so some historians would have us believe! Over the coming weeks the children are going to be learning more about the events that have unfolded on their timelines and adding more information to their timelines. Nearer Christmas we will book looking at the famous 1066 Battle and creating a separate timeline to plot the key events that changed the course of British history once again!

Ashley- ” I was really interested to find out that the Anglo-Saxons were actually to groups of invaders that came together to settle: the Angles and the Saxons.”

Bailey – ” I thought it was interesting that Britain was divided into the 7 Kingdoms with different rulers in each Kingdom.”


Stunning Start

The children are thoroughly enjoying the stunning start to their Triumphant Trespassers topic. We’ve been lucky to get the Hobgoblin Theatre Company in to perform ‘A Viking Tale’ – the workshop consists of some acting, telling the story of a normal Viking girl called Freya and some small group chats about what the children have learnt as the workshop goes on. the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Welcome back😃

Welcome back to year 5/6! We hope you have all had a fantastic summer and you are excited to be back at school.  Staff have been busy creating classrooms over the holidays ready for the new topic: Triumphant Trespassers. Malala and Hawking now have Viking longships and Knibb class have a Viking longhouse which they can use as a reading area or for independent work. We have had a great first 2 days back and are looking forward to the rest of the year. Watch this space for more updates of our learning 😊