Performance Poetry

Mrs Buettner’s guided reading set have spent the week learning and rehearsing poems written by Lewis Carol taken from our current group text, Alice in Wonderland. The children worked in small groups to learn, rehearse and perform their poems for #nationalpoetryday

Group 1 – Ollie, Charlie & Harley performed ‘The Walrus & The Carpenter’

Group 2 – Elise & Destiny performed ‘Old Father William’

Group 3- Bayley & Freddie

Group 4- Elliot, Bayley M, Bailey W & Trish performed ‘Lobster Quadrille’

Group 5- Catherine & Colao

The children then peer assessed each other based on objectives taken from the Year 6 Reading Objectives. 

1) to read fluently and effortlessly

2) demonstrate appropriate intonation, tone and volume when reading aloud

3) learn poetry by heart

For a first attempt the children did a fantastic job. We will be reviewing their performances on Monday and considering how they could improve their performances for next time. I’ve already set them the challenge to learn a Christmas in spud poem to perform before we break for the Christmas holidays; this time they will be working solo! Keep your eyes peeled.


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