Story Mapping

It’s been a while since our Viking workshop ‘A Viking Tale’ – the story was based on an ordinary young Viking girl named Freya.  She was fed up of being treated like a girl, she wanted to go out and explore the world like the boys got to do- she didn’t want to stay at home and cook and clean like tradition demanded.  After being teased by the boys in the village she made a brave decision one day and climbed into a trailer that was heading for the port, she hid under a blanket for the long journey. Once she arrived she set about finding a way to be chosen to set sail aboard a ship. The journey saw many turbulent times but Freya held her own- unfortunately one day her secret was discovered and along with her friend Boris she jumped ship and swam to shore. Once in England they set about finding Boris’s home town.  The children have been recapping the story today, creating story maps to help them remember the story. This is a great skill to recount popular stories and familiarise themselves with key events.  The children will be using their story maps to create an diary extracts of Freya’s exciting journey.


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