Viking Feast Preperation

This morning we have been preparing our Viking Stew for our Viking Feast this afternoon. Malala and Hawking have created a beef stew packed with swede, potato, leek, onion, celery, carrots and  plenty of herbs! Knibb class have made a vegetable option packed full of cabbage, onions, leeks, potato, garlic, carrots, celery,plenty of herbs and a lovely vegetable stock. It has been interesting seeing the children vegetable preparation skills; some interesting knife skills from a few children and likewise some amazing knife skills from a few others. Potential future chefs? And of course there were some tears when cutting the onions.  The stew is now on and will simmer away for the next couple of hours whilst the children continue with their learning.  They will tuck into the hearty stew this afternoon along with some fresh baked bread and a selection of smoked cheese, meat and fish. Maybe even a jug of (child friendly) mead to wash it all down!  More pictures to follow later.


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