Who Let the Greeks out?

As part of our creative curriculum we aim to provide children with a STUNNING START, MOTIVATING MIDDLE & an EXPLOSIVE END to their learning. This term our topic is Heroes and Heroines; the children will begin by studying Ancient Greece, in particular the powerful and mighty Gods and Goddesses. To create our stunning start we asked the children to come dressed as Gods and Goddesses or just simple towns folk of Ancient Greece. We had a wonderful day doing some Greek drama with Mrs Gardner; took part in some art activities, creating mosaics and replicating famous Greek stories onto vases. We finished off the day with a wonderful Greek banquet. Trying different traditional Mediterranean foods such as feta, olives, cured meats, humus… Miss Kettle and Mrs Buettner even made big trays of moussaka for the children to try. One was a traditional lamb and potato moussaka with aubergine and feta. The other was a vegetarian option with chickpeas, aubergine and lentils.

The children had a great day and it set them up for the term ahead.


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