Heroes and Villains

As part of our topic and our motivating middle this term we were joined by @aquadan from @captaindantastic! Aqua Dan hooked the children’s attention discussing the history of comic books and talking in detail about the modern day superheroes and villains that we have all come to love from the most well known like Batman, Superman, Captain America and Wonder Woman, to less well-know members of the great Avengers, Justice League, X-Men and Fab 4! The children had change to learn and ask questions about their special powers, costumes, gadgets and their weaknesses…

Aqua Dan brought with him, some of his fellow superheroes paraphernalia including: Captain America’s adamantium-vibranium alloy shield, Thor’s Azgardian hammer, Green Lanterns ring and most impressively to many of the children were replicas of Wolverines blades!

When the children weren’t working with Aqua Dan they were learning about the pop artist Roy Litchenstien; the artist is known for his use of small dots to colour pictures most commonly comic strip style pictures.

We’ve had a great day. Enjoy looking at the pictures…


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