Budding heart surgeons!

Today year six scientists have been exploring how the heart works. We have been investigating why the heart pumps and experiencing it for ourselves by working out our heart rates and building our very own working models of the heart. We even learnt a song about it! Advertisements

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Welcome to the new Malala class!

We have had an amazing time over the last two days getting to know each other. We have shown all of the school values, here are just a few. The children were set the challenge of transporting their teams across the hall without touching the floor. This became very challenging when one of their team […]

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Heroes and Villains

As part of our topic and our motivating middle this term we were joined by @aquadan from @captaindantastic! Aqua Dan hooked the children’s attention discussing the history of comic books and talking in detail about the modern day superheroes and villains that we have all come to love from the most well known like Batman, […]

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Malala Class Assembly

Today Malala class showcased their learning of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses in their class assembly. They showcased them all, from Zeus, Poseidon and Hades to the beautiful Aphrodite and the magnificent Athena. Don’t forget WIlliam Knibbs Assembly is on Thursday 8th March and Stephen Hawking is on Thursday 24th May. Here are a few […]

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Our Little Borrowers…

Mrs Buettner’s Guided Reading Group are currently engrossed in the famous satori by Mary Norton, The Borrowers. As part of our push on finding evidence from the text and selecting necessary information the children were given the challenge to re-create the home of Pod, Homliy and Arietty using a shoe box and some ‘borrowed’ items. […]

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Who Let the Greeks out?

As part of our creative curriculum we aim to provide children with a STUNNING START, MOTIVATING MIDDLE & an EXPLOSIVE END to their learning. This term our topic is Heroes and Heroines; the children will begin by studying Ancient Greece, in particular the powerful and mighty Gods and Goddesses. To create our stunning start we […]

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