Day 4 Abernant 

Sun was shining today; children are tired but are having a great time. Fed, showered and in their pjs ready for a quiz tonight. 

Lots of exciting activities completed today. Obstacle course, climbing, and blind trail to name but a few. 

Once again some amazing views on offer. Think there might be some Abernant inspired artwork to look forward too…



Abernant Day 3

Great day. All tucked up in bed. Bit wet and drizzly but it hasn’t dampened spirits. Lots of activities completed today: abseiling, low ropes, obstacle course, survival skills, archery, climbing, compass and some fencing to be precise. 

Lots of personal achievements accomplished. Some tricky moments over some deep puddles! Interesting abseiling techniques and some giggles over the protective fencing gear! 

All in all, a great day.  


Abernant: Day 2

IMG_0235IMG_0225-0IMG_0228It’s currently lunchtime, we’re all stuffed. Great variety of food on offer; plenty of opportunity for our 5-a-day!
Had a great morning so far, a variety of activities completed. Climbing, blind trail, scavenger hunt and mini olympics this morning… Just letting our lunch go down before we head out for some fencing, video and some more scavenging. Everyone’s getting stuck in and enjoying themselves – even after they lost their shoes during mini olympics!
Some beautiful scenery around us to add to the experience. Don’t forget to check out our Tweets for more pictures. @mrsbuetts @miss_kettle1 @mrcox5_6

Ghost Writer…

In anticipation of author Julia Jarman visiting St Andrew’s on Thursday, we have been reading her book ‘Ghost Writer’. The story follows a young boy, Frankie, who is convinced something mysterious is going on. If only he could figure out what…  She is coming to so a workshop with us to teach us how to create tension in our writing. This book is an excellent example of how to do that.  We have been creating ‘tension lines’ to plot the story as we read it. Here are a few…