Welcome to the new Malala class!

We have had an amazing time over the last two days getting to know each other. We have shown all of the school values, here are just a few.

The children were set the challenge of transporting their teams across the hall without touching the floor. This became very challenging when one of their team members was blindfolded. They were all excellent as showing the value of unity and ensuring that their team member was safe. Great job guys!

Here the children are finding out about each other in an attempt to win a game of bingo. Well done to Corrine who won the ten dojo point reward! Also,a massive well done to the rest of the class who were all very determined to find out everything about their classmates.

The children have explored their rights and responsibilities as a member of Malala class and created the beginning of a fantastic display to remind themselves of those rights and responsibilities over the course of next year.

The class enjoyed a visit from their grown ups on the last afternoon that they were all together before September. They have made a fabulous start to sewing their very own Bayeux tapestry.

Mrs Bennet and myself are very proud of all of your hard work over the last two days. You have all been amazing and we cannot wait to work with you all in September.

Have a fantastic summer guys!


Mrs Eager x


Heroes and Villains

As part of our topic and our motivating middle this term we were joined by @aquadan from @captaindantastic! Aqua Dan hooked the children’s attention discussing the history of comic books and talking in detail about the modern day superheroes and villains that we have all come to love from the most well known like Batman, Superman, Captain America and Wonder Woman, to less well-know members of the great Avengers, Justice League, X-Men and Fab 4! The children had change to learn and ask questions about their special powers, costumes, gadgets and their weaknesses…

Aqua Dan brought with him, some of his fellow superheroes paraphernalia including: Captain America’s adamantium-vibranium alloy shield, Thor’s Azgardian hammer, Green Lanterns ring and most impressively to many of the children were replicas of Wolverines blades!

When the children weren’t working with Aqua Dan they were learning about the pop artist Roy Litchenstien; the artist is known for his use of small dots to colour pictures most commonly comic strip style pictures.

We’ve had a great day. Enjoy looking at the pictures…

Malala Class Assembly

Today Malala class showcased their learning of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses in their class assembly. They showcased them all, from Zeus, Poseidon and Hades to the beautiful Aphrodite and the magnificent Athena. Don’t forget WIlliam Knibbs Assembly is on Thursday 8th March and Stephen Hawking is on Thursday 24th May. Here are a few pictures from today’s assembly…

Our Little Borrowers…

Mrs Buettner’s Guided Reading Group are currently engrossed in the famous satori by Mary Norton, The Borrowers. As part of our push on finding evidence from the text and selecting necessary information the children were given the challenge to re-create the home of Pod, Homliy and Arietty using a shoe box and some ‘borrowed’ items.

Using evidence from the text they created wallpaper using old letters, hung pictures on the walls that were in fact stamps, used cotton reels for tables and matchboxes for sofas. These are some of the final results…

Who Let the Greeks out?

As part of our creative curriculum we aim to provide children with a STUNNING START, MOTIVATING MIDDLE & an EXPLOSIVE END to their learning. This term our topic is Heroes and Heroines; the children will begin by studying Ancient Greece, in particular the powerful and mighty Gods and Goddesses. To create our stunning start we asked the children to come dressed as Gods and Goddesses or just simple towns folk of Ancient Greece. We had a wonderful day doing some Greek drama with Mrs Gardner; took part in some art activities, creating mosaics and replicating famous Greek stories onto vases. We finished off the day with a wonderful Greek banquet. Trying different traditional Mediterranean foods such as feta, olives, cured meats, humus… Miss Kettle and Mrs Buettner even made big trays of moussaka for the children to try. One was a traditional lamb and potato moussaka with aubergine and feta. The other was a vegetarian option with chickpeas, aubergine and lentils.

The children had a great day and it set them up for the term ahead.

All the time in the world…

Today we are having a creative maths lesson looking at TIME ZONES!

We have discussed Greenwhich Meridian Time often referred to as GMT or Universal Time. In small groups the children have been asked to mark on a world map the basic time zone lines, find the cities and locate them on the map. The challenge then is to answer questions about each country relating back to GMT. 

E.g. If it is 3pm in London what time is it in Dhaka?
First the children had to locate Dhaka, understanding that it is the Capital city of Bangladesh. Next they had to locate Bangladesh on their world map, finally working out whether it is + or – GMT.

Welcome back…

A massive welcome back to all our pupils and their Parents/Carers… as a team we are so excited to start the new school year. Just a quick reminder of who we are and where we are based.  Malala Yousafzai class in taught by Mrs Buettner and will be supported by Miss Whysall; William Knibb class is taught by Miss Kettle, they will be supported by Mrs Gardiner and Stephen Hawking will be taught by Mrs Hobday and supported by Mrs Napier.  We have our meet the team meeting on Thursday 14th September at 3:30pm in the school hall. It would be great to see as many of you as possible.  After the meeting we will then hold a brief meeting regarding our upcoming residential.  We looking forward to seeing you all soon.  

Through the eye of a needle…

This afternoon Year 5/6 have been practising their sewing skills this afternoon in preparation for their ‘Gingerbread Man’ tapestry inspired by the famous Bayeaux Tapestry the depicts the Great Norman battle of 1066. Our finished tapestry will be given to Foundation Stage ready for their Spring Term topic.  

The children have been practising different stitches such as the good old running stitch, the blanket stitch, the overcast stitch aka the whip stitch aswell as the backstitch.  Have a look through our pictures and see if you can spot the different types of stitches. 

The hardest part of the afternoon was threading the needles just to get started! It was quite interesting watching the resilience the children showed.  They definitely had to apply the principles of growth mindset today. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

“Mistakes are proof that we are learning, I’ve definitely been learning because I couldn’t thread my needle!” Jagdeesh Bains (Year 6, Malala Yousafzai)

“It has been challenging because the thread kept falling out of the needle, I definitely had to show resilience!” Elise Martin (Year 6, William Knibb)

” It was hard to finish it off, especially you leave the thread and it gets too short! It was just hard!” commented Charlie Grundy (Year 6, Stephen Hawking)

Tucking in to our Viking Feast!

What a great afternoon! The children loved tucking in their hearty Viking stews that they prepared this morning.  Along with the stew the children had the opportunity to try boiled cabbage, a favourite side dish of the Vikings! During the morning we also talked about the process of preserving and how meats and cheeses would have been smoked to cure them and preserve them to longer to last over the winter months therefore the children also had the opportunity to try some smoked cheese, cured and smoked meat aswell as some smoked salmon.  

The children were encouraged to try all of the food, allergies and dietary requirement allowing! Whilst tasting the food they recorded their initial thoughts about smells, tastes, textures and using Jane Consadine’s FANTASTICs.  The staff were all impressed with how much the children liked the stews and were even more impressed when they ate it all. The only thing that didn’t go down too well was the smoked salmon… we all know that’s a required taste!

“The food tasted interseting, some of it was nice and some of it wasn’t! I really didn’t like beef stew- it tasted weird stuff!” Sophie, Year 6, Stephen Hawking Class.

“I don’t like stew, this didn’t any taste better!” Alice, Year 6, Malala Yousafzai, ” but I did like dipping the bread into the gravy.”

Tomorrow the children will be writing a descriptive piece about their Viking feast experience.

Viking Feast Preperation

This morning we have been preparing our Viking Stew for our Viking Feast this afternoon. Malala and Hawking have created a beef stew packed with swede, potato, leek, onion, celery, carrots and  plenty of herbs! Knibb class have made a vegetable option packed full of cabbage, onions, leeks, potato, garlic, carrots, celery,plenty of herbs and a lovely vegetable stock. It has been interesting seeing the children vegetable preparation skills; some interesting knife skills from a few children and likewise some amazing knife skills from a few others. Potential future chefs? And of course there were some tears when cutting the onions.  The stew is now on and will simmer away for the next couple of hours whilst the children continue with their learning.  They will tuck into the hearty stew this afternoon along with some fresh baked bread and a selection of smoked cheese, meat and fish. Maybe even a jug of (child friendly) mead to wash it all down!  More pictures to follow later.