Tucking in to our Viking Feast!

What a great afternoon! The children loved tucking in their hearty Viking stews that they prepared this morning.  Along with the stew the children had the opportunity to try boiled cabbage, a favourite side dish of the Vikings! During the morning we also talked about the process of preserving and how meats and cheeses would have been smoked to cure them and preserve them to longer to last over the winter months therefore the children also had the opportunity to try some smoked cheese, cured and smoked meat aswell as some smoked salmon.  

The children were encouraged to try all of the food, allergies and dietary requirement allowing! Whilst tasting the food they recorded their initial thoughts about smells, tastes, textures and using Jane Consadine’s FANTASTICs.  The staff were all impressed with how much the children liked the stews and were even more impressed when they ate it all. The only thing that didn’t go down too well was the smoked salmon… we all know that’s a required taste!

“The food tasted interseting, some of it was nice and some of it wasn’t! I really didn’t like beef stew- it tasted weird stuff!” Sophie, Year 6, Stephen Hawking Class.

“I don’t like stew, this didn’t any taste better!” Alice, Year 6, Malala Yousafzai, ” but I did like dipping the bread into the gravy.”

Tomorrow the children will be writing a descriptive piece about their Viking feast experience.


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